The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series #1 – 3.5 by Lisa Renee Jones

amy bensenI picked up the first book in this series at the local library. The sticker the librarians had place on it was “Adult erotica” and I thought golly you don’t see that often in a public library.

Upon reading the first book, i was struck with the notion that if this is what the library classed as erotic then “fifty shades of grey” would potentially make their hair go grey and their toes curl. hahaha….

Fair warning there are a few steamy scenes in all these books but nothing too scandalous.

The series follows Amy Bensen who has been on the run for the last 6 years. For what we are unsure just that she doesn’t trust easily. Enter stage left, Liam Stone. He’s a billionaire and upon first sight he must have Amy for himself. The series follows them as they tackle the mystery of Amy and why she is in hiding and more importantly will she ever be safe.

I enjoyed the first book (Escaping Reality) a lot. the story was set up well and I was enjoying getting to see the dynamic of all the characters. Towards the end of the first book i think Lisa realised she need to move things along and for a reason I’m unsure of things began to speed up.

The second book (Infinite Possibilities) felt like it never truly slowed down and at times I needed to re-read things to 100% understand what had happened. I didn’t really love this one in the series. This book felt like the weakest in the set.

Book 3 (Forsaken) was probably my favourite. It focuses on Amy’s brother; Chad. I liked Chad a lot. Probably because he’s the bad boy to Liam’s ‘prince charming’. This book focuses more on why they are running and how things happened. This felt like it filled in some of the gaps. However it was still too fast for me.

I found it hard to believe that something the size of a pencil eraser was going to produce enough clean energy for the whole world. But i’m an accountant so what would I know.

Book 3.5 – Unbroken finishes the whole thing off and brings it to a conclusion.

I enjoyed reading this whole series and that is evident in the fact that i read them all within one week. Adult erotica they are not by they are a nice easy read with a good mix of adventure, danger, love and the all essential naughty scenes.

My rating for this series is 3/5.


‘See What I Have Done’ by Sarah Schmidt

see what i have doneLizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.

Lizzie Borden and her story has always fascinated me. Did she do it and if so why would she do that to her family? Such a vicious and cruel crime.

This book certainly does not try to solve a 100-year-old crime. Instead it looks further into the family life and what might have been going on behind the door at 92 Second Street.

The book can be a little confusing at times as there are 4 different story tellers and each seems to jump forward and backward in time. It takes a little bit to get use to, but once you get into the rhythm of it, its actually brings something unique to the telling of the story.

Another unusual aspect of this story is how Sarah focuses on the smells, tastes and touch of everything in the characters lives. At times this can be taken a little too far. There are only so many times I need to know there might have been something off with the mutton soup and how the characters were all sick from it.

The last few entries from the characters are eerie and they start to come full circle and show the aftermath of the murders and where they all ended up. I got the chills towards the end and it has left me with more questions than answers but I think that’s a sign of a good story.

Sarah has written more than a story here, she has written a world that you can step into and be immersed in. It’s brilliant writing and it has left me more fascinated with Lizzie and why she did it.

My rating is 4/5.