‘No Limits’ (Ultimate #1) by Lori Foster

no limits - lori fosterI seem to have acquired a taste for reading books about sexy alpha MMA fighters.

What’s the appeal i hear you ask and i’ll tell you…. they sound hot and rough but in a gentle way and they seem like big loving dudes. What isn’t to love about that?!

It would be safe to say that Lori Foster can write a decent story about them and that I will be devouring every one of the books in this series.

This first book is set around Cannon and Yvette. They’ve known each other for a while and they both are carrying massive lust for the other. However, Cannon never acted on it 3 years prior when he saved Yvette from some nasty dudes.

They have both been left the estate of her late grandfather and this leads to them living together and the lust begins to build.

I find that Lori Foster has a gift for creating sexual tension between her characters and it’s saucy. However, “the big bang” scenes are limited and perhaps a little disappointing after all the tension that has been there. Of course i can live with this!

Cannon is a good character and seems like someone you would want to be friends with and you can see where he gets the name “Saint” from. All his friends are MMA fighters and seem like gentle giants.

Yvette did not inspire me. Yes, I get that she was trying to prove she wasn’t a victim anymore but at times she was painful. I really wanted to tell her “snap out of it. He’s hot! go for it.” There was a lot of focus on this idea that she couldn’t orgasm because she wasn’t with the right person. Of course, Cannon fixes that, but I found this aspect of the story a little odd.

Lori Foster certainly uses this book to build the tension between numerous characters and you can see that these will be the future books. But I’m keen to read on and find out how they all meet their matches.

My obsession with hot MMA fighters continues.

My Rating 4/5.


‘Burnout’ (Legal Heat #2.5) By Sarah Castille

burnoutAahhhh… yes, hot motorcycle men… I remember this world. It’s taken me over a year to realise there was a 3rd book to this series. Shame on me.

However long the length of time between books it hardly matters as Sarah Castille is certainly someone I enjoy to read. She writes her men alpha hot with a protective steak and a soft creamy centre. Her women are strong, independent and can stand on their own 2 feet. I like that a lot.

This book is a little after book 2 and the Rogue Riders who were just an idea in the second book are now a fully fledged motorcycle gang. I liked this look into where they had ended up. It felt like coming home to good friends.

Ace and Sophie are the main characters and both are fantastic examples of Sarah’s writing. Ace is the ‘sergeant at arms’ at the club and Sophie is a police officer and together they need to find Sophie’s brother.

I liked that both were a little damaged and yet together they felt like they had come ‘home’. I especially enjoyed Ace. He took the leap and changed his life so that he could be with Sophie and help her with her dreams. What’s not to like about that?

It was nice to check in with Ice, Ryder, Lana, Jackie and of course Kickstand. I was disappointed to see Jackie hadn’t met her Happily Ever After in Viking Dan.

Not sure if this is the end of this series, but I would be happy to read more of these guys.

This would 100% be one of those books I would read again if I needed something light and fluffy to take my mind of life.

My rating 4/5.

The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series #1 – 3.5 by Lisa Renee Jones

amy bensenI picked up the first book in this series at the local library. The sticker the librarians had place on it was “Adult erotica” and I thought golly you don’t see that often in a public library.

Upon reading the first book, i was struck with the notion that if this is what the library classed as erotic then “fifty shades of grey” would potentially make their hair go grey and their toes curl. hahaha….

Fair warning there are a few steamy scenes in all these books but nothing too scandalous.

The series follows Amy Bensen who has been on the run for the last 6 years. For what we are unsure just that she doesn’t trust easily. Enter stage left, Liam Stone. He’s a billionaire and upon first sight he must have Amy for himself. The series follows them as they tackle the mystery of Amy and why she is in hiding and more importantly will she ever be safe.

I enjoyed the first book (Escaping Reality) a lot. the story was set up well and I was enjoying getting to see the dynamic of all the characters. Towards the end of the first book i think Lisa realised she need to move things along and for a reason I’m unsure of things began to speed up.

The second book (Infinite Possibilities) felt like it never truly slowed down and at times I needed to re-read things to 100% understand what had happened. I didn’t really love this one in the series. This book felt like the weakest in the set.

Book 3 (Forsaken) was probably my favourite. It focuses on Amy’s brother; Chad. I liked Chad a lot. Probably because he’s the bad boy to Liam’s ‘prince charming’. This book focuses more on why they are running and how things happened. This felt like it filled in some of the gaps. However it was still too fast for me.

I found it hard to believe that something the size of a pencil eraser was going to produce enough clean energy for the whole world. But i’m an accountant so what would I know.

Book 3.5 – Unbroken finishes the whole thing off and brings it to a conclusion.

I enjoyed reading this whole series and that is evident in the fact that i read them all within one week. Adult erotica they are not by they are a nice easy read with a good mix of adventure, danger, love and the all essential naughty scenes.

My rating for this series is 3/5.

‘It Ends with Us’ by Colleen Hoover

it ends with usThere is nothing scarier then when a friend recommends a book to you. Book recommendations speak volumes about the person and you never want to tell your friend that you didn’t enjoy a book they loved.

So with that in mind, I was a little nervous when this book was suggested as my next read.

But, wow! I loved the shit out of this book and if it had have been up to me I would have stayed home from work to finish it. That’s how good it was.

We meet Lily and Ryle at the beginning and they are both solid characters and you do love both of them. Lily is a bit more complex, as she is dealing with the death of her abusive father and so she is reading old journal entries and of course her first love is in them. Atlas.

As Ryle and Lily’s relationship blossoms (pardon the pun), we find out Atlas is in Boston with them.

Oh no, love triangle ahead….

Alas, no….. Colleen Hoover is smarter than that. She creates a story for these 3 characters that makes you question what is right and wrong and what you would do in their situations. (i’m trying to avoid spoilers). This is a sign of a good writer. Someone who can make your emotions swing backwards and forwards. The story is well written and at times you almost feel like you can feel their pain.

On a lighter note, there are a lot of references to Ellen Degeneres and Finding Nemo. I actually really liked that. It added a lighter side to an otherwise darker story.

Just Keep Swimming.

Put simply, this book was great and I will not hesitate to take future recommendations from this friend or to read other books from Colleen.

My Rating 5/5.

‘Everything for Her’ (For Her #1) by Alexa Riley

everything for herNope, nope and nope.

I did not like this book at all and it was only because I was hoping it would get better that I kept reading. I’ll let you in on a secret, it didn’t get better.

Generally basis of this story is that Miles finds the love of his life at the age of 22 but she’s only 17, so he plans out her life for the next 5 years to make sure she will be his.

Can you say controlling much?

Mallory (love of his life) is an orphan and only has one friend and is just looking to be loved. Understandable. But she’s just a massive pushover. When she finds out what Miles has been controlling her life for 5 years she is upset and holds out being mad for a week before she falls back into his arms.

I got that Miles was obsessed and all in love with Mallory, but was Mallory? or was Mallory just taken with finally having someone who cherished her and it wouldn’t have mattered who?! I know I sound super cynical but that’s how this book made me feel.

Also, the entire book alludes to the fact that Miles has a horrible dad. Miles wants revenge and the reason why they have so much security is because Miles’ dad will come after them. Okay, i was hoping this story line would be more juicy.  But enter Miles’ dad stage left and it’s all over after 2 pages. No real revenge or anything. How boring!

Furthermore – what happened to practising safe sex?!

This book just did not raise to the hopes that I had and I don’t think I will be back to read any more of Alexa Riley.

My rating 1.5/5.


‘Lover Awakened’ (Black Dagger Brotherhood #3) by J.R. Ward

lover awakened book 3I know, I’m late to the party on this series. But gee am I glad I finally got around to them.

Lover Awakened is book 3 and it would be safe to say I loved the first 2 books in the series and this one did not disappoint either. If anything i would say this one was probably the one i enjoyed the most.

Zsadist (the scary vampire in the Brotherhood) finally finds something worth living for and it comes in the form of the lovely Bella.

The whole back story of Z as a blood slave was interesting and added that extra layer to the character. I liked that he wasn’t 2 dimensional in his hate and anger. I’ve noticed that all the ‘brothers’ have some sort of burden to carry with them, I suppose that’s why we love them as they have to overcome their sh$t in order to find their mate.

The other reason I loved this book was because I felt like other characters got a move along in the story too. Clearly they are all being set up for their own stories and I’m ok with that. I look forward to reading and learning more about John, V, Phury and of course Tohr.

I can see why this series sits on a lot of different top 100 lists. Its written well, the characters are developed well and truthful after 3 books I’ve started to really care for the characters. I want to see their happiness achieved. The last 2 pages of this book brought a smile to my face as it was not expected but very much welcomed as the ending.

I look forward to reading more of this series in the future and sharing more smiles and tears with these beloved characters. Thank you J.R. Ward for writing this series.

My rating is 5/5.

‘Beyond The Cage’ by Alana Sapphire

beyond the cageMMA fighter meets girl and so begins a beautiful relationship.

Cameron doesn’t talk but some how he and Jasmine seem to communicate just fine. (wink, wink)

The story is not at all focused around fighting. Its more about them outside of the ring – hence the title. I felt like it took me a little while to really get into the story but once it reeled me in I was happy to keep reading.

Alana is certainly not afraid to add the sex scenes and I mean once she started they didn’t really seem to stop. Perhaps they were there to fill in for all the ‘talking’ that wasn’t happening.

It did feel like someone called “dinner time” on Alana, as the story was wrapped up really quick. One minute we are all loved up and lots of sex scenes and BOOM a million things have happened and we are at the epilogue. Weird, but at the same time probably necessary as the story was directionless at times.

Look, I enjoyed the story. I didn’t have to think too much and some of the scenes were pretty hot. It was the right story for me to read to take me away from the stresses of work life.  Also bonus, it’s nice to read a standalone book every now and then.

My rating 3/5.

‘Darkness Revealed’ (Guardians of Eternity #4) by Alexandra Ivy

darkness revealedI loved, loved, loved this book….

Usually, by the fourth book in a series things are getting a bit boring and repetitive and you are questioning whether you really do want to continue on. But, alas this did not happen. Cue big cheesy grin!

Book 4 sees us introduced to Anna and Cezar and they’ve met before. They had a raunchy night together and then never saw each other again for another 200 years.

The chemistry between these 2 is fantastic. Cezar sounds like a very impressive vampire and he’s devotion to Anna is heart felt. Mostly I like that he has attitude and isn’t afraid to show it. Plus bonus he has some pretty good powers on him. Can’t wait to see what that means going forward.

But the true highlight is Anna. I loved her. She’s sweet, brave and a fierce woman. I think the below quote sums her up.

“I’m Anna Randal, a woman who is intelligent, capable and a damn fine lawyer. I’m mate to Conde Cezar and distant granddaughter of King Arthur. And just as importantly , I’m the woman who is destined to kick your ass.”

Another great thing about Anna is she doesn’t just let the ‘powers that be’ run her life. She takes charge and gets what she wants, i.e. Lots of bed time with Cezar – and who wouldn’t want that??!

Woohoo…. well done Alexandra Ivy you have written a great fourth book and have inspired me to read on. Can’t wait to read move about these sexy vampires and their adorable mates.

My Rating 5/5


‘Playing with Fire’ by Tess Gerritsen

playing with fireWhat a fantastic book?! I loved it.

I certainly wasn’t expecting the story that was told in this book and yet once I got started I never wanted to put the thing down.

It has 2 story lines.

One is of Julia, a musician who finds a beautiful piece of music and upon playing it her daughter begins to act strangely (e.g. killing the family cat – poor kitty). No one believes Julia that her daughter is doing these strange things but Julia believes it to be the music.

The second story is of a Lorenzo, he lives in Venice, he’s a Jew and its just before the Second World War. He’s is the composer of the music Julia now owns.

The true star of this book is the haunting piece of music called ‘Incendio‘ and it is a real piece of music. YouTube it! It is amazing and those last few notes are beautifully played and makes the tears fall for all these characters.

Tess has managed to write a book where both stories compliment each other throughout. Neither is over shadowed by the other.  She has woven the historical facts of the Second World War into this story in an eerie way. I felt physically sick reading about what happened to Lorenzo in that camp and yet isn’t that the sign of a good writer to make me feel?

If I was to have one issue with this book, it would be how quick the story was wrapped up.  I’m guessing someone was calling ‘dinner’ when she got towards to the end! But this is a small issue in comparison to a great book, so i’ll forgive her.

This book has inspired me to read something else by Tess in the future. I look forward to what else she can teach me.

My Rating 5/5.

FYI – “incendio” is also the Harry Potter spell for making fire!


‘Lima Nights’ by Marie Arana

lima nightsThe book is set in Peru (which I assume is meant to be a draw card) and is centred around Carlos and Maria. Carlos is happily married with 2 children and enjoys the occasional lady on the side. In dances, Maria (she’s 16) and they begin an affair. Carlos’ clever wife works it out and leaves Carlos. We then jump 20 years into the future where Carlos and Maria are still together but not happy.

Upon reading the above blurb I thought this would be a great character study piece. How wrong I was. The first half of the story was enjoyable and I liked hearing about the differences in their lives and how they came together.

However the step forward 20 years was disappointing. Both characters were almost unrecognisable and I really couldn’t bring myself to care about their welfare one bit. There was certainly no character development. Perhaps Marie Arana just wasn’t sure how to treat her characters 20 years on?!

I was glad when this book ended, as now I am free to read something else. I’m just very disappointed that I have been left with this ‘nothing’ feeling about the book. I have no strong feelings either way on this book and truthfully I can’t even tell you what the purpose of the story was and that’s a sad state to be in.

Anyway, on wards and upwards. Fingers crossed the next book is a winner!

My Rating 2/5.