‘Rose Bride’ (Lust in the Tudor Court #3) by Elizabeth Moss

I am a massive fan of any and all books to do with the Tudor era. So strap yourselves in forrose bridev2 a lot of book reviews that will involve this part of history.

This book was the third one in a series and to be honest this one has been sitting on the ‘TBR’ pile for a while. I wasn’t a huge fan of the second book in this series so I was little worried we were on the downward spiral.

However, this book was a pleasant surprise. If anything I thought the action in this book was a lot sexier and steamier than in the previous 2 books. Virgil and Margerie are both likeable characters and in the end you are really ‘cheering’ for them to confess their love for each other and to live happily ever after (or as much as you can in Henry VIII’s court).

My only one issue with this book was the ending. It felt rushed and I wasn’t  fully satisfied with where my characters ended up. But I think I can overlook that due to all the other “fun, sexy stuff’ that was in it.

My rating for this book is 3/5.

Picture courtesy of Goodreads


Reading = Happiness

I love reading and it’s no secret that I’m usually reading more than one book at once. So I thought why not share my thoughts on the books I read with a greater audience.

Yes, I’m well aware there are plenty of websites and apps that I can do this on, but why not spread my love and passion for reading on my very own blog as well.

My favourite types of genres  are romance, history, fantasy and young adult. But I’m going to branch out and maybe try some new topics and genres. I might even try an audiobook. haha!

So wish me luck, with this new endeavour.